City of Ruston
Rock Island Greenway Mural
In collaboration with Larry Pleasant
My hometown, Ruston, Louisiana, is a city divided by Interstate 20 and connected by a series of underpasses and overpasses. In an effort to bridge the city and increase the creative and cultural landscape, the city approached a friend, Larry Pleasant, and I to design an illustrative mural to cover the wall under one of Ruston’s major underpasses. The challenge was to find a way to merge our illustration styles, capture the spirit of Ruston, and do so in a way that could be translated from a 20ft piece of paper to a 200ft wall. The result is a piece that shows the multi-faceted reality of life in Ruston, full of surprisingly diverse experiences and energies. A piece that the community came together to paint and has continued to cherish as a beautiful piece of the town.