Mendo Organics
Mendo Organics is looking to fill a gap in the mens hair care market. There is an overall lack of products for men who want the invest in hair care but more specifically in hair products that can overlap multiple hair textures. A central pillar to Mendo Organics is the education component; education will be prodvided to stylists as to how the product can be manipulated to work with different hair textures. 

When Mendo contacted me, they had existing branding that failed to communicate the quality of the product, and were in need of a facelift and pitch deck to pitch to a corporate investor for the production of a new iteration of the Mendo Organics line.
The desired look was something that communicated the soulful, funky spirit of the founder mixed with a straightforward, masculine energy. The goal was to strike a balance between something fun and expressive and more minimalistic. The Mendo brand is marked by a commitment to organic ingredients and carefully made products. Custom textures added the expressiveness desired while referencing the human artifacts of the production. A natural, muted palette speaks to the responsibility of the product with the addition of vibrant oranges to evoke the sense of passion that was a differentiator.

With the updated branding and a compelling pitch story deck, Mendo Organics was able to secure funding for production and placement in stores around the country.