Deckify is a tool that allows users to design their own digital card games. Users can add custom art, set rules, and test their games. The limitations are the users own imagination. 

I worked with Deckify to create illustrated mascots that would add some personality throughout the brand and express different ideas throughout the product and marketing site. 

I designed a cast of animals who interact with a set of magic cards. Light world building that isn’t overly prescriptive was the goal. I wanted to create a glimpse into some other magical world that showed what Deckify could be for a user, while allowing the brand to still feel like a blank canvas the user could project their own creativity onto. 

Simple characters allowed us to illustrate the process of designing, building, and playing clearly. Keeping them simple also allows us to apply different genres to the characters; they can be fantasy RPG characters but can also be portrayed as playful animals or war themed monarchs. 

A deck of physical playing cards is currently in production with the different characters being used as face cards.