Accenture's Let There Be Change World Tour
When 60,000 people gather for great music around a common goal, how can we stand out in a crowd? That was our mission at Global Citizen Live 2022 in New York City's Central Park: grab the attention of concertgoers and change makers to raise awareness of Accenture's work around sustainability.

We set out to tell our innovation stories by reimagining the one thing every concert goer wants: the band T, making it a vehicle for storytelling and case studies. With bands name derived from the ethos of a selection of our case studies, 10 shirt fronts were carefully and cleverly designed to tie back to each initiative, with the shirts then being sold in exchange for donations to Save the Children.
On the back of the shirt, we included a blurb about the case study and a QR code that audience members could scan in the crowd. The QR code connects to Accenture's career website, where visitors can read more about our stories of change and get excited by our career opportunities.
Using reusable structures and materials that were both lightweight and modular, this initiative included designing two recyclable vendor booths made of polycarbonate sheets. These sheets are 100% recyclable and can be made into new materials after use. Shirts were vended from the booths, which doubled as informational areas for attendees to learn about our sustainability commitments and careers.