Primarily offering a variety of beauty solutions for hair textures of the African diaspora, 9ëfer offered an artisan-crafted line of products made with simple and honest formulas and ingredients. Simplicity in ingredients is a hallmark of the brand - no mess no fuss - just good natural hair care. With the existing branding, the simplicity and care weren’t being communicated clearly due to a wordmark with legibility issues and a busy visual language. 

Through a series of brand audit and definition workshops, we did some soul searching to identify what the core values of the brand is: who 9ëfer is, how they act, and how they present themselves. The end result is a much stronger, clearer brand positioning. Founded by a fine art photographer, 9ëfer is marked by a curated point of view. Expressive type speaks to the artisanal hand-crafted quality but is structured enough to maintain trust in the product.
Moody ethereal photography with unexpected crops or expressive shadow play added a sense of intrigue or mystery. The 9ëfer brand is teasing the viewer almost—asking you to come and find out.